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6 Early Signs of Hair Loss You Didn't Notice

Is your scalp always itchy or your hair thinning? Find out the early signs of hair loss so that you can take early preventive measures!

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Ask the Doctors: Am I Too Old for Braces?

Some say that dental braces is best worn by young kids. We talk to Dr Teh, an orthodontist with more than 17 years of experience to find out what to know if you want braces as an adult.

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10 Foods to Instantly Cover Bad Breath Before Your Date

It's late and it's urgent. You need to get rid of your bad breath before your date turns up in an hour. Here's what you can do in this limited time to not blow your date away, literally.

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6 Family Activities that Help Fight Depression

How about some fun ways you could do together as a family together, to help your loved one who is struggling in depression?

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Where Does My Body Odour Come From?

On a hot day in a bus or an elevator, a pungent odour comes around, striking your nostrils with full force. Why do our bodies produce odour?

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4 Medical Treatments For You To Finally Get Rid of Body Odour

Body odour is awkward - had enough of stares from others? Here are the medical treatments available for you to finally release yourself from the clutches of body odour!

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5 Reasons Why You May Want to Consider Ligation for Contraception

Pregnancy is something special for women. However, sometimes we want to avoid pregnancy instead. But why ligation? Why not?

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7 Contraception Methods You Must Know If You Don't Plan to Have a Baby Yet

When planning a family with your loved one, you may decide to have a baby only after sufficient mental and financial preparations. In that case, the choice of contraception method is very important, what should you do? We talked to an Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist doctor to find out.

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9 Reasons Why People Remove Their Tattoos

“Yes, I have tattoos, and I want them removed!" Would you want to know why?

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5 Painful Non-Laser Tattoo Removing Methods You Shouldn’t Try!

Besides laser treatments, there are other “natural” ways to remove tattoos. However, these methods are risky, causing more pain or negative side effects that affect you more than the unwanted tattoos did. So, what are they?

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