5 Reasons Why You May Want to Consider Ligation for Contraception

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Pregnancy is something special for women. However, sometimes we want to avoid pregnancy instead. But why ligation? Why not?

Watching Lemon gradually growing up, I tease Lisa from time to time on when she plans to make Lemon an older sibling.

“Oh please, Lemon is still a baby in my eyes!”

Adding children

Who doesn’t want more kids? The more the merrier, right? But Lisa has her own plans. She has her whole family structure planned out, and not to forget that she plans to further her studies too.

Have you heard of ligation? Why do some women decide to undergo ligation as a contraceptive method? I decided to explore some of the reasons why women may consider ligation as an option, so let’s take a look!

But before that, we shall look more into what is ligation itself.

A Little Bit on Ligation

Ligation Diagram

Ligation, or in medical terms Bilateral Tubal Ligation (BTL), is a surgical procedure involving the blockage of the fallopian tube to prevent any fertilisation between ovum and sperm. BTL is one of the contraceptive methods I have covered here.

The BTL procedure involves cutting, burning, or removing part of the fallopian tube, or by placing a clip on each tube. BTL is used as a fixed contraceptive method. Even though sometimes ligation can be reversed, some side effects may occur. I’ve asked an Obstetrics and Gynaecology doctor about this, read more here.

Common Reasons Women Choose Ligation

1. No plans for a baby

Don't want children

I want 3 princes and 2 princess!

Well I’ll maybe just adopt in the future. I don’t even have enough time, managing my gym

Shalini made sense too. In today’s world of modernisation, our lifestyles have also changed. Couples may decide not to have children due to the commitment and responsibilities that come along with them, making them think twice about babies.

Besides, women today are more concerned about aesthetic and beauty, which would both be at risk during the process of pregnancy and also after giving birth. Pregnancy is not the end-all, did you know that your body also changes physically after pregnancy?

2. Family planning

Family Planning

Some couples have targets and plans for their family size. Some want more, while others want less. It’s your choice of happiness, don’t let others influence you!

It all depends on perspectives. 11 people in a family may not necessarily bring joy and having 3 in a family doesn’t always mean loneliness. Family activities are also key.

Evan initially also wanted more kids, but not Lisa.
Lisa: “A pair would be fine. One boy, one girl, then my family’s complete”

Back to the topic of ligation, some families have planned their family size since the beginning, or decide to not have anymore children after a few years. Ligation comes in as a useful method for financial and economical, and social stability in the family, keeping family members closely knitted to each other.

3. Career advancement


Have you seen models or flight attendants who are pregnant on the red carpets? Unless it’s for pregnancy products advertisements, most jobs that require physical appearances don’t encourage pregnancy during the time of service. 

Some job contracts also have clauses on pregnancy, due to the time taken off during and after pregnancy by women.

Lisa also faced this dilemma as a model. She had rejected several modelling offers during her pregnancy. She loved her career, but she loved Lemon even more! Besides, Lisa also experienced several changes to her body after pregnancy!

There are also risks in working while being pregnant. Pregnancy is unpredictable, as our bodies can react differently from time to time, causing symptoms like fatigue and nausea. This not only affects the health of the mother, but also that of the baby. In some cases, women may choose to forego pregnancy in order to succeed in their careers.

4. Inability to give birth due to health reasons

Health Problem

Sometimes, the decision to go for ligation is not done entirely on our own. Health reasons may lead to advice from doctors for patients to undergo ligation to reduce the risk of complications in the case of pregnancy.

One of the causes of ligation due to health reasons is Endometriosis. Endometriosis is a gynaecological disease which is quite common among women. Almost 1 out of every 7 women around the age of 30 to 45 has endometriosis. Endometriosis is when the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus. Endometriosis most commonly involves your ovaries, fallopian tubes and the tissue lining your pelvis. 

Ligation would be a consideration for women with endometriosis at stage 3 or 4. In some cases, the whole uterus needs to be discarded due to advancement of the disease. In this case, ligation would be an option for women due to health reasons.

5. 3 Prior experiences of Caesarean section

ceaser 3 times

For women who have experienced multiple Caesarean section labours, subsequent pregnancies are not recommended. Pregnancy after the third time of Caesarean section can bring risks of complications to both the mother and the child. 

Interested to know more about Caesarean section and natural birth? Click here to read more.

During Caesarean section labours, abdominal muscles, uterus muscles, and blood vessels are cut to make space for child delivery. Besides that, women lose a lot of blood during Caesarean section delivery, and surgical wounds take a long time to heal. Therefore, multiple ruptures of these muscles and blood vessels through Caesarean section deliveries can cause future injuries or muscle tears.

I had a previous patient who felt sad after she was recommended by the doctor to undergo ligation and not to be pregnant again.

“It’s for your own good. You may feel sad now but the most important thing is that you’re healthy and happy in the future!” I tried to cheer her up.


Once again, ligation is definitely recommended for women who have had 3 prior experiences of Caesarean section to ensure the safety and health of your inner body!

What is your opinion on ligation? Do you plan to have ligation in the future? If you have any further enquiries about Obstetrics or Gynaecology, just leave an enquiry to a Women Specialist Clinic here!

I believe that all of us would feel sad on the day we have our ligation (it’s like losing half of our lives!), but it certainly brings a world of benefits too. There’s always a rainbow after the rain, so just smile! 😊

If you have any thoughts or opinions, feel free to share your experiences or thoughts in the comments below! Let’s share our views and stories, I’m looking forward to your responses! 💓

Juliet's TipsJuliet’s Reminder: Ligation is a topic that is still widely not understood, and there are often mixed opinions about this contraceptive method. May this be a first step towards understanding this, and if you have anything you’re wondering about, just give me a ring at juliet@erufucare.com!

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