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Juliet station is an editorial department and sub-section in Erufu Care with a mission to debunk myths and misconceptions of healthcare. Here, Juliet shares her stories and thoughts while providing storyline-based articles to simplify lengthy healthcare information into fun and engaging stories.

We have 7 different stations, featuring various aspects of healthcare, from caring for your loved ones to your own well-being.Join the fun in our universe of unique characters, or chat with Juliet anytime at juliet@erufucare.com!

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body and mind
Body & Mind

The connection of a healthy mind and a healthy body is the key to joyful life. Eat healthy, live healthy, think healthy.

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It takes great effort and patience to raise a child. Wise parents raise healthy and successful children.

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Everybody needs beauty as bread. First impressions are more important that you have imagined.

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women care
Women Care

Every woman should be pampered, not only on their beauty but also on their health.

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man care
Men Care

Work is not life, life is not work. Only a healthy body can help you go a long way in work.

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aged care
Aged Care

Prevention is one of the few known ways to reduce demand for health and aged care service. - Julie Bishop

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cancer care
Cancer Care

Revealing the inspiring stories of cancer warriors. Creating awareness for cancer prevention.

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