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All Your Questions About IVF Answered by the Doctor

Can you do IVF? Does IVF really increase the chances of getting twins? Are there any differences between an IVF baby and a naturally born baby? Should you go for IVF or IUI? We got Dr Selva, Past President of the Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Malaysia to answer your questions.

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4 Main Causes of Migraine in Women You Must be Aware Of

Migraines are often thought as an ordinary symptom, but these symptoms can also become extraordinary if you neglect them. What causes your migraine attacks?

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17 Most Asked Questions About Cervical Cancer Answered by the Doctor

What are the symptoms and causes of cervical cancer? What is HPV? Based on 5000+ surveys and research, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialist Dr. Zaharuddin answers your questions.

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Meet Melissa Seow - Mrs Borneo World, Digital Director, Mother of Triplets #BloodGo Contributor Series 1

How do we cope with juggling between motherhood, a distinguished career and hobbies? Melissa has found the answer.

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5 Steps to Perfectly Prepare Your Daughter For Her First Period

It’s not easy being a parent, and certainly not so when your daughter has her first period. How can we effectively prepare her for this biological surprise?

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Ask the Doctors: Am I Too Old for Braces?

Some say that dental braces is best worn by young kids. We talk to Dr Teh, an orthodontist with more than 17 years of experience to find out what to know if you want braces as an adult.

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Are You Risking an Early Menopause in Your 20s?

Isn’t it too early for you to have menopause? See what premature menopause is and the 6 factors that cause it here.

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6 Feminine Care Mistakes You Have Been Making

Our private parts are always in humid conditions and exposed to bacterial infections. How can we take care of our feminine care health?

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5 Must-Eat Foods for Optimum Feminine Health - Ladies Take Note!

Unlike men who have a urethra of about 25cm, women have a much shorter one at only 5cm, placed closed to the vagina and the anus, easily affected by inflammation and infection.

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10 Foods to Instantly Cover Bad Breath Before Your Date

It's late and it's urgent. You need to get rid of your bad breath before your date turns up in an hour. Here's what you can do in this limited time to not blow your date away, literally.

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