6 Early Signs of Hair Loss You Didn't Notice

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Is your scalp always itchy or your hair thinning? Find out the early signs of hair loss so that you can take early preventive measures!

6 Early Signs of Hair Loss You Didn't Notice

Having taken the necessary preventive measures to slow down his hair loss process, Romeo wondered why Dollah didn’t do the same before he became bald.

Didn’t he notice the signs of hair loss? Or did he just not care?

“But...don’t I look good this way?”

The usual signs of hair loss are obvious:

M-shape hair loss

For men:

  • Hair thinning on the scalp
  • Receding hairline
  • An M-shape pattern at the front, balding at the crown of the head
Hairline gap hair loss

For women:

  • Overall hair thinning, starting from the crown or the middle of the head
  • Widening of the gap of hairline at the middle of the head
Hair shedding due to hair loss

For younger people:

  • Hair loss in patches
  • Broken hairs or hair loss on the scalp or the eyebrows
  • Excessive hair shedding

There are indeed several early signs of hair loss that you can catch before it develops further.

Early treatment is usually better than going for a treatment only when you have severe hair loss. See if there's a hair loss clinic near you here.

So here are the 6 early signs of hair loss, which you may have overlooked during your daily routines.

1. Your receding hairline, showing a wider forehead

Receding hairline showing a wider forehead

For hair loss, the shape of the receding hairline often occurs in an M-shape.

Male hair loss, also known as male pattern baldness, or alopecia, starts with a receding hairline, and further stretches into the crown of the head with time.

This creates the M-shape baldness you usually see in older men.

So when your hairline starts receding, you may notice your broader forehead, maybe presenting a more mature outlook.

2. You look different/more mature

You may look older with hair loss

Continuing from the previous point, a receding hairline or hair loss at the top of the head to a certain degree changes your appearance into a more mature-looking person.

A lot of these are due to perception, but we tend to associate head full of hairs with young people and receding hairlines with older people, because more often than not that is indeed the case.

3. Hair here, there, everywhere

Hair loss here, there, everywhere

Take a look to see if you find strands and strands of hair left behind on your pillows, shower floor, your comb, or on the floor in front of the mirror.

These little details may actually be an early sign of your hair fall problems. 

On average, men lose about 50-150 strands of hair day, while women can lose up to 250 strands of hair when they shampoo!

So don’t worry if you see strands of hair in your bathroom, but make sure you’re taking good care of your scalp health to maintain your hair growth!

4. A widening gap on your hairline

The widening of your hairline gap can be a sign of hair loss

No matter if you have a center-part hairline, or you part your hair on the side (or any other styles), try to take notice on a daily or weekly basis to see if the gap on your hairline has widened. 

A simple method to check would be:

  • Step 1: Place a comb (preferably a flat tooth one) at the middle of your hairline on your head
  • Step 2: Part your hair centrally (central parting)
  • Step 3: Check if the gap between your hairline has widened. You can do this for a few days to compare.

5. Flaky scalp

Flaky scalps can be a sign of hair loss

This may or may not be directly associated with hair loss, but a flaky scalp can be a sign of dandruff problems, which is a bad sign for hair health.

Using the right shampoo or going for hair treatments can usually solve dandruff problems.

But if left untreated, hair loss may occur due to a lack of nutrients supplied to the hair as a result of blockage by sebum on the scalp.

6. Your hair takes a longer time to grow

Your hair takes a longer time to grow when you have hair loss

How often do you go for a haircut?

Maybe it used to be once every 3 months, but now you find your hair growing long only after 5 months? 

On average, our hair grows up to 1.5 inches every month.

The process of aging slows down the hair growth (which is unavoidable).

So when your hair growth is slower than your hair fall, you start to notice less hair on your head.

If you wish to consult a medical doctor for your hair loss condition, find one hair loss clinic near you here.

“I...don’t remember if I had these signs or not”

“Well it's because you’re always so oblivious to your health!”

So do be alert and attentive to your health and your body.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure!

What are some hair loss tips you know of? Share them with me in the comments below!

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