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Erufu Care helps finding a clinic or doctor you love, get the right care you need.

Healthcare Transparency

Erufu Care Values: Healthcare Transparency

Erufu Care provides patients/consumers with the information that are required for them to make informed decisions on choosing their medical/healthcare service provider. Such information may include the doctor’s experience, ex-patients’ satisfaction, quality of the clinic and/or its facilities etc.

Healthcare Accessibility

Erufu Care Values: Healthcare Accessibility

Erufu Care allows doctors and other medical/healthcare professionals to present their services, works and practices online, hence making them more discoverable by people who may be seeking for their services.

Healthcare Experience

Erufu Care Values: Healthcare Experience

Erufu Care aims at shortening the distance between medical/healthcare professionals and patients/consumers, and by that, helping those in need to find the right doctor, the right clinic, and the right care.

Hand-Crafted with all the love from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Erufu Care's mission is to provide access to quality healthcare for everyone staying-in or coming- Malaysia. If you are a patient and have questions about your treatment options, please email us at careteam@erufucare.com.

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