4 Medical Treatments For You To Finally Get Rid of Body Odour

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Body odour is awkward - had enough of stares from others? Here are the medical treatments available for you to finally release yourself from the clutches of body odour!

"Other than self-care tips, are there any methods to permanently get rid of body odour?"

If you hadn’t known, Ida is our intern nurse with problems with sweaty palms and also body odour. She’s always worried about not being able to cover up her odour, causing her to always be self-conscious and also have her confidence affected.

body odour

What’s body odour?

Body odour is medically known as bromhidrosis, caused by overactive apocrine glands and the breakdown of sweat secretion by bacteria, producing unsaturated fatty acids that release these odours.

Apocrine glands are affected by endocrine secretion, so body odour usually starts at puberty, and lasts until middle age adulthood.

When the sweat glands start to contract in older adulthood, only will body odour problems be reduced or be gotten rid of.

Body odour brings a lot of problems for the sufferer. It causes yellowish stains at the underarm parts of light-coloured clothes, and also brings mental uneasiness, causing people with body odour to be afraid of crowds, further affecting social relationships.

Body odour is related to genetics, and sufferers have a higher concentration of apocrine glands, with these glands also bigger in size. However, it can be reduced with some self-care efforts in lifestyle and diet.

Take a look here at these Self-care Tips for Body Odour!

If you have taken perfect care of your personal hygiene but don’t seem to find body odour taking its leave, or if you no longer want to be self-conscious and paranoid of whether others can smell your body odour, you can always opt for medical treatments to solve this problem.

Get Rid of Body Odour

At ERUFU Care, we believe in upholding doctor-patient relationship by shortening the distance between you and medical healthcare. So here’s a summary of medical treatments available for body odour.

1. Traditional curettage surgery

body odor surgery in malaysia

This is also the most effective medical treatment method to get rid of body odour. The doctor gives you an anaesthetic medicine for your underarm, followed by performing a surgery on the underarm skin to remove the apocrine glands between the dermis layer and subcutaneous tissue. The surgical wound (4-5 cm) is then stitched back.

The advantage of this surgical procedure is that the doctor can directly see the distribution of apocrine glands, making it easier to remove them.

Besides, this surgical procedure will destroy some of the hair follicles on the underarms, thus bringing another ‘benefit’ - less underarm hair.

Treatment cost:RM6000-RM8000 (average)

Drawbacks: scarring, long recovery period, requires follow-up procedures to remove stitches, surgical wound needs to be cared for carefully. During the first few days after the surgical procedure, you will have a thick bandage to be worn on your underarm.

You’d have to avoid water, and you can’t raise your hand high, affecting your movements. This is also considered an invasive surgery, requiring the practice by a surgeon.

The surgical procedure separates the dermis layer and subcutaneous tissue at the underam, so a bandage is needed after the procedure to apply pressure on the wound for these layers of skin to be attached back together.

2.  Laser Lipolysis

Laser Lipolysis treatment in malaysia

The doctor uses a laser device to access the inner layer of the skin to emit laser beams of 1444nm/1064nm in level movements to destroy and contract apocrine glands, getting rid of body odour in the process.

The benefit of this surgical procedure is that the surgical wound is small (about the size of a needle), with no stitches required and no scarring.

Treatment cost:RM4,000 - RM5,000 (average)

Drawbacks: Risk of burns, only about 70% removal of body odour.Some patients are required to undergo multiple procedures.

3. Alma Sweatx

Alma Sweatx treatment in malaysia

This machine is mainly used for getting rid of underarm excessive sweating and odour. It uses heat to reach the area with apocrine glands, causing the contraction of these glands and control the their secretion.

This procedure is not painful and doesn’t require anaesthetics. 1 treatment is enough to reduce sweat production and odour (4 treatments are recommended for best results).

Treatment cost:RM800 x 4 times (average)

Drawbacks:Mainly used for getting rid of underarm excessive sweating.

4. Botox injection

Botox injection

Like the Alma Sweatx procedure, botox injections controls sweat production. Botox can control the stimulation of the nervous system towards the apocrine gland. This medical treatment procedure takes less than 30 minutes, and has no recovery periods.

No post-procedure care is required, and is suitable for people with light problems of body odour, and people who wish to avoid surgery but still see a quick result.

Tretment cost:RM2,200 - RM3,000 (average)

Drawbacks: Cannot last long, usually 6-9 months (differs from one to another). Patients need multiple injections. 

Even though I have provided these information for your references, I can never replace the professional diagnosis by a specialist doctor. It is always best for you to consult a specialist doctor for an accurate diagnosis for the best medical treatment for your condition!

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