What Should I Know Before a Nose Job? Answered By Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre


Surveyed Q&A about Nose Jobs with specialist medical team from Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre. You asked: What's the safest option for nose jobs for a better nose shape? How to avoid risks and side effects? Here's what the doctors say.

Do you look into the mirror and wish that you had a more refined nose shape?

Getting a nose job is not unheard of, and is a popular treatment in the medical aesthetics world. But many of us are really concerned about an issue - how to get a safe and reliable nose job or rhinoplasty treatment for an effective result?

Seeing and hearing about various stories concerning failed or botched nose jobs have made these treatments seem scarier than they are. But are they actually so? How does it actually work and is it really safe?

So many questions, but so few reliable answers on the internet. So together with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, I have compiled your questions and got highly qualified doctors to answer them for you, all under this most important question- how to improve my nose shape safely? 

You asked, we answer.

All information and answers are provided by certified and verified doctors from Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre.

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Rhinoplasty or non-surgical nose jobs?

Nose job before after

While nose jobs in the past meant surgical procedures like rhinoplasty, there are a couple of non-surgical methods these days to reshape our nose.

But which should we choose? What are their differences?

We'll look through them individually.

Surgical nose jobs: rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty is the surgical option for a nose job. It is a permanent procedure to reshape your nose, but requires you to go under the knife for a surgical procedure.

Rhinoplasty usually takes a few hours throughout the procedure, and may result in a longer downtime after the procedure compared to a non-surgical option.

Rhinoplasty can reshape our nose and correct the following conditions permanently:

  • Nose size
  • Nose width
  • Nose profile (humps or depressions on the nose bridge)
  • Nasal tip (large, bulbous, drooping, upturned)
  • Nostril size and shape
  • Nasal asymmetry (not balanced) or deviation
Rhinoplasty types

There are generally 2 types of material used for shaping the nose in rhinoplasty: silicone implants or cartilage grafts (soft bones taken from a part of your nose or another part of your body).

Non-surgical nose jobs

Non-surgical nose job

Non-surgical nose jobs are not permanent like rhinoplasty, but they give you the option of getting your nose reshaped without having to go through a surgical procedure.

No surgery also means that non-surgical nose jobs has no downtime after the procedure, which can be done in less than 30 minutes, which is why it is often dubbed as a "lunchtime procedure" - you can just take time off your lunch hour to get your nose done!

Non-surgical nose jobs can typically last for approximately 12 months before the effect lessens due to it being slowly absorbed by your body.

There are 2 types of non-surgical nose jobs:

Fillers nose jobs

  • Also known as liquid rhinoplasty
  • Made of hyaluronic acid (HA) and/or collagen
  • Adds volume to the areas of the nose where the filler is injected
  • Can sculpt and reshape the nose with adjustments to amount of filler injected
  • Usually injected to the bridge and tip of the nose to give it height and projection

Threadlift nose jobs

  • Made of Polydioxanone (PDO) or Poly L-lactic acid (PLLA), or in human language - it's made of the threads used in surgery stitching
  • Usually used on the nose bridge for height and projection effect, but not volume
  • Can create a slimmer and more defined nose bridge compared to fillers because of the use of threads
  • Also stimulates collagen production for skin tightening effect

Differences between surgical and non-surgical nose jobs

The main difference, is of course, that one requires a surgery while the other doesn't.

But to better illustrate things, here are the 3 most common nose reshaping requests, and which method suits them best.

For a 'bump' on the nose bridge, or a dorsal hump

Nose size
  • Fillers can 'hide' the appearance of a small bump by filling up the area around the bump on the nose, creating an appearance of a straight nose
  • If the bump is big or the nose is thick, rhinoplasty can reduce the size of the bump, or get rid of it permanently

For reshaping the tip of the nose

Nose tip
  • Fillers can correct a droopy nose tip, or correct sharp angles by adding volume and lifting it up
  • If the nose tip is bulbous or in an upturned angle, a rhinoplasty is the better option

For correcting a deviated nose (crooked)

Crooked nose
  • Threadlift can correct a slightly crooked nose and straighten it
  • However, for a very crooked nose, rhinoplasty is recommended

How to choose?

Other than deciding whether or not you want to undergo surgery, there are also a few points to consider when choosing which treatment method for a nose job:

Rhinoplasty is a good option for you if...

  • Your facial growth is complete and you are 13 years of age or older
  • You are physically healthy
  • You have specific, but realistic goals in mind for the improvement of your nose appearance

Non-surgical nose job option is good for you if...

  • You would like to get a "test-drive" before committing to a permanent nose reshaping

Doctor's special advice:

Nose reshaping is a highly individualized procedure that you should do for yourself and yourself only, not to fulfil someone else's desire or to tyr to fit into any sort of ideal image.

Age and physical fitness aside, we need to know why we are getting a nose job - is it for a promotion? Family or relationship issues? Aging? Changing a flaw?

As doctors, half of our job is counselling and managing patient expectations, ensuring that all of you are aware of the complications and effect of any treatment.

No matter the situation, your safety and wellbeing is always of utmost priority.

If you wish to talk to an experienced cosmetic surgeon about your aesthetic needs , you can send an enquiry to Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre here, and they'll reply you within 3 working days!

Enquire About Nose Jobs

A closer look on rhinoplasty

Since rhinoplasty require a bigger commitment due to it being a permanent change to our anatomy, and non-surgical nose jobs are less so, we take a closer look at rhinoplasty, and its different types to understand about this surgical procedure better.

There are 3 types of rhinoplasty that you can choose to do, depending on the results you want to achieve.

1. Open rhinoplasty


The most common type of rhinoplasty, open rhinoplasty allows the surgeon to make any changes to your nose shape and size by making an incision on your nose.

  • An incision is made under the nasal tip between the nostrils
  • The surgeon does the reshaping procedures on the nose
  • The incision is stitched back, leaving a small scar
  • An experienced surgeon would be able to position the incision strategically to "hide" the scar in the natural contours of the nose so that the scar is less visible

2. Closed rhinoplasty

The more difficult approach which requires a very skilled surgeon. Closed rhinoplasty can only be done for less complicated cases or minor changes to the nose shape. The recovery time is also shorter compared to open rhinoplasty.

  • An incision is made inside the nostril
  • The surgeon does the reshaping procedures through the small incisions in the nostrils
  • The incision is stitched back, leaving only a scar in the nostril that is not visible from the outside

3. Alarplasty


Alarplasty is a surgical procedure that focuses on the nostrils, typically to increase or decrease the width of the nostrils. It is ideal for correcting a bulbous nose.

Possible risks

Nose job risks

Are there any risks when getting a nose job?

If you get a treatment by a certified and experienced surgeon, the risks are minimal.

However, with aesthetic booming as an industry these days, there are many unverified clinics or beauty centres that provide nose jobs without any certifications or proper permissions.

These doctors or beauticians do not have proper medical training and knowledge to handle the procedure safely and effectively, which may expose you to risks like:

  • Infection
  • Poor wound healing
  • Bleeding (haematoma)
  • Nose asymmetry
  • Change in skin sensation (numbness around the nose)
  • Sutures or threads may surface through the skin because of poor procedures
  • Possibility of revisional surgery

So it is very, very important to first get your condition checked and discuss with a verified professional cosmetic surgeon or aesthetic doctor about your expectations. And get any aesthetic treatments only from experienced surgeons in the treatment that you are looking for.

At ERUFU Care, we list only clinics and doctors that are certified and verified, with genuine patient reviews on the clinic services so that you can make an informed choice.

This also includes Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, a medical aesthetic centre that focuses on treatment quality, so that you can be rest assured of the premium services you get during your treatment.

So if you're thinking of getting a nose job, send an enquiry here and get a reply within 3 working days!

Enquire About Nose Jobs

Or if you're looking for a clinic in places other than Kuala Lumpur, take a look at other clinics near you that provide nose jobs here.

Doctor's special advice:

The surgeon will recommend the best suited treatment method based on your anatomy and desired outcome.

Don't be shy about discussing your concerns so that we can reach a mutually agreeable outcome.

It’s natural to feel some anxiety, whether it’s excitement for your anticipated new look or a bit of preoperative stress.

Don’t hesitate about discussing these feelings with your plastic surgeon.

When it comes to changes, the surgeon is able to produce varying levels of outcome.

So no matter if you are looking to "still look like yourself but better" or "dramatically change your looks", be sure to communicate your expectations with your surgeon well.

The nose is at the center of the face, so a subtle change like altering your nose tip can actually change your facial appearance as a whole.

So instead of simply asking you "what kind of nose you want", a good surgeon will discuss with you a suitable nose shape by taking your facial features into account.

We also frequently receive some commonly asked questions about nose jobs, so we got the doctors to advise on them too!

How can a nose job change your voice or the way you sound, especially if it changes your nasal passageway?

Can nose jobs change voice

Generally, rhinoplasty does not change the voice. Technically, rhinoplasty may narrow or open nasal passageway, hence people who underwent rhinoplasty may sound subtly more nasal or deeper.

After surgery, a splint will likely be placed inside your nose for support during initial healing, therefore, your nose may be stuffy and you may sound a little bit nasal.

How can a nose job help with sinus problems or affect breathing in anyway?

Rhinoplasty can repair structural abnormalities in the nose. If you have nasal obstruction or sinusitis that is corrected during rhinoplasty, you may have more airflow, and therefore able to breathe better.

There’s this popular saying that the nose may “drop” 6 months or a year after any nose job.

Nose drop

It may take up to a year or more for the swelling to completely subside and see the end result of the nose surgery. While it feels like a “drop”, it is actually reduced swelling.

6 months after a rhinoplasty is not enough to assess your final outcome. Communicate with your surgeon whenever you’re in doubt.

How do rhinoplasty and nose jobs work in Malaysia?

We'll be going into the details of how nose jobs are done here in Malaysia, and the differences of the treatment here compared to other popular countries, in the next issue, so watch this space!

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