Will a Nose Job Change My Voice?


Professional and verified answers from doctors and medical experts. How can a nose job change your voice or the way you sound, especially if it changes your nasal passageway?? You asked, we have the answers.

Sometimes we tend to think a lot before getting a aesthetic treatment done. In this case of nose jobs or rhinoplasty, a question pops up in our mind too - can a rhinplasty change our voice?

Rhinoplasty change voice

We've collected answers from doctors, clinics, medical associations, and government bodies, so let's see what the experts say! 

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre
Medical aesthetics and cosmetic surgery medical centre in Kuala Lumpur

Generally, rhinoplasty does not change the voice. Technically, rhinoplasty may narrow or open nasal passageway, hence people who underwent rhinoplasty may sound subtly more nasal or deeper.

After surgery, a splint will likely be placed inside your nose for support during initial healing, therefore, your nose may be stuffy and you may sound a little bit nasal.

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American Society of Plastic Surgeons

American Society of Plastic Surgeons
International plastic surgeons association

An acoustic analysis suggested changes in the frequency and amplitude of certain sounds, which may be related to narrowing of the nasal cavity after rhinoplasty.

"The changes in surface area of nasal cavity may increase airflow resistance and cause an increase in sound absorption and a decrease in passing sound amplitude," according to the researchers.

Associates in Plastic Surgery

Associates in Plastic Surgery
International plastic surgeons association

The demand for rhinoplasty increases each year, so how concerned should you be about this voice change affecting you?

Based on the study’s findings, it appears that voice quality can change after the procedure, but they are subtle and may not be apparent to the general public. Trained listeners, and the patients themselves, may notice them more than others.

These changes should not cause any interference with a patient’s daily life. For instance, if you are a recreational singer, a rhinoplasty should not have much effect on the sound of your voice.

“In the majority of cases, a standard rhinoplasty will not change the voice much, if at all,” says Dr. Miller.

“For patients having substantial work done to their nose, there is a possibility it will alter their voice slightly, so just as with any other side effect that could arise from surgery, patients need to weigh that along with the positive benefits that result from a beautiful nose job procedure.”

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