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Eye Bags



Eye bags, bags under eyes, periorbital puffiness

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Not contagious

Common among:

Older adults

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What are eye bags? What are the signs and symptoms?

Eye bags, or bags under eyes, refer to mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes. Eye bags usually appear and become more noticeable as one grows older, but may also appear and worsen for other reasons. While eye bags do not usually indicate any health issue, they tend to make people look tired and older.

Note: The term “eye bags” is sometimes used to refer to what the Chinese call wo-can (臥蠶), which are minor puffiness under the eyes that are not age-related. Unlike age-related eye bags, wo-can are considered attractive by some.

Read more about signs and symptoms of eye bags.

What causes eye bags?

Eye bags induced by various causes, including aging, heredity (family history), fluid accumulation, lack of sleep, and various medical conditions like allergy and dermatitis. Read more about causes of eye bags.

Are eye bags treatable? How?

Eye bags can usually be reduced with home remedies, but may also be reduced/removed with medical treatments, notably blepharoplasty, plastic surgery done to the eyelids. Read more about treatments for eye bags, and home remedies for eye bags.

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