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Tattoo Removal

What are tattoos?

Tattoos are permanent change of skin pigmentation done by injecting indelible inks into the skin.  

Why do people remove tattoos?

While getting a tattoo may be a popular trend, some people may end up wanting a tattoo removed for various reasons. Below are some common reasons to remove a tattoo.

  • Some people might be unsatisfied with the appearance of a tattoo. Sometimes the tattoo may not appear as one imagined. Also, tattoos can fade or blur out over time.

  • Sometimes tattoos on easily exposed body parts (e.g. face, hands, forearms etc.) can become inappropriate as one take on certain occupations (e.g. teachers, doctors).

  • Some people may develop allergic reaction to tattoos. Other complications (e.g. infections) may also occur.

How are tattoos removed?

There are various methods of tattoo removal. Since certain tattoos are easier to remove than others and that certain treatments may not be suitable for some people, you should always consult a doctor/dermatologist for details and recommendations. We list the common tattoo removal methods here

What to expect?

Some tattoos can be completely removed (with single or multiple sessions), but some may not. Some colored tattoos are difficult to remove, and may only be lightened even with multiple sessions of laser treatment. After all, tattoos are meant to be permanent. Hence, it is advised that you discuss with your doctor/dermatologist before deciding whether to remove a tattoo.

Regardless of the method used, there is always a risk of scarring, infection, and/or skin discoloration. Therefore, do expect some degree of scaring and change in skin color.

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