Dr Seah Keh Seng

Dr Seah Keh Seng

Medical Aesthetics & Anti-Aging
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Dr Seah Keh Seng

Consultant Anaesthetist and Aesthetic Physician

“In my opinion, beauty is an art, searching for perfection in the world of art is forever work.

As this reason, my view and passion in this aesthetic world may change over time, but it is a forever evolving knowledge and passion.

Currently I am searching for simplicity and natural in art of beauty. This continuous learning will keep my interest in this field.

The complicated part is always the patient’s satisfaction and expectation. Some expectation is just unrealistic but we always try our best to achieve it.

Back to the basic, do what we do and most importantly do no harm.Keep to our principle and base on sound knowledge is the way to overcome problem.

First beauty comes from the heart. The heart has to be beautiful and peaceful at first then the outer look will be great and charming.

Keep a pleasant heart and age gracefully is the way we keep ourselves to always be beautiful.”

  1. Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) - University of Malaya, Malaysia
  2. Master of Medicine (M.Med) - National University of Singapore (NUS)
Professional Registration
  1. Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) (No. 35312)
  2. National Specialist Register (NSR), Malaysia (No. 123648)
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