Dr Mohd Ruslan Johan

Dr Mohd Ruslan Johan

Plastic Surgery
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Dr Mohd Ruslan Johan

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Since ancient times, all cultures have their own set of beauty standards. Due to cultural exchange and the influence of media, the concept of beauty has changed over time, and people nowadays idolize the same set of perspective, which is often found in advertisements.

The young is very impressionable, which is dangerous, as majority of them failed to appreciate the perception of beauty in their own culture, and opt for a surgery that can change them into something else. This is what the community has become. What sets you apart from the rest is appearance.

Each person is beautiful in their own way. It’s unnecessary to follow the exact same set of standards. I emphasize on “enhance instead of a total change”, and try to maintain the essentials instead of revamp the whole thing.

When we look at the patient, we need to take all the features into consideration, view them as a whole, even though it’s a minor surgery. A little change can make a drastic difference to the whole image.

As a professional, we need to pay attention to the patient’s emotional condition and ability to adapt to the change. It’s a very costly mistake when people lose their perspective and made too much of filler injections. Insoluble facial fillers will make your skin saggy in the long run as they are being pulled by gravity.

There are plenty of stars and actors that share the same features when they grew old because of excessive fillers. Surgery can regress few years of age but overdoing it can make it worse.

Our profession allows us to strive and help a normal person to enhance his or her beauty, and those born with abnormalities to be as normal as possible. The psychological trauma suffered by a person with body flaws is incomprehensible by a normal being.

Being judgemental clouds the mind, and criticizing others is a lot more hurtful than you think. Every client has his or her own reason, so it’s unfair to marginalize anyone who seek the help of cosmetic surgery.”

  1. Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) - University of Malaya, Malaysia
  2. Master of Surgery (MSurg) - University of Malaya, Malaysia
Professional Registration
  1. Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) (No. 26977)
Professional Membership
  1. Member of Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (AMM)

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