Dr. Mandy

Dr. Mandy

Internal Medicine
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Dr. Mandy

Medical Doctor

Dr Mandy begin her medical journey back in the year 2008 in Asian Institute of Medical University. She received her Bachelor of Medicine in year 2013 with distinction in Clinical Management Report and passed hers MJDF RCS (Eng) Part 1 in March 2015.

She then served her compulsory service in Kedah and completed training in Medical Services in  Hospital Medical.

Dr. Mandy is experienced and passionate in all aspects of medical care especially internal medicine. She practices internal medicine, and is a proud medical service provider. Se has also attended basic and advanced courses in Medical Academy.

She is an active member of Malaysian Medical Association and Malaysian Medical Society. She is also fully registered with the Malaysian Medical Council.

Dr. Mandy cares for the health of the general public. She speaks about medical health maintenance at various schools to improve the awareness on health. She believes that when the negligence stops, the suffering stops.

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