Dato' Dr Ko Chung Beng

Dato' Dr Ko Chung Beng

Skin (Dermatology)
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Dato' Dr Ko Chung Beng

Consultant Dermatologist

“Beauty does matter. A polished image boosts self-esteem and enjoyment of life.

As a doctor, overcoming patient’s concerns gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I anticipate challenges, and my profession allows me to experience a world that combines imagination with reality. I learned a great deal in my pursuit for perfection.

It’s been a journey filled with obstacles, but I enjoyed the process of conquering them one by one. In search of solutions, never take no for an answer.

Intelligence is knowing the right method, wisdom is knowing when to use it. The knowledge that we wield can be harmful, if we’re not being cautious. Occasionally, we have to refuse service to client who requests for an unnecessary procedure, even if it means losing profits. Correcting a failed surgery is complicated.

Therefore, it is highly advised to seek treatment from reliable centres and not to opt for something that you’ll regret in the future.

As aesthetic medicine practitioners, we must adhere to the ethical principles of our profession. I’m not a believer in changing an individual to an entirely different being. We enhance the features and strive to bring out the best, instead of a total modification.Refine the exterior to bring out the purest light within.

Indeed, everyone can be beautiful!”

  1. Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) - University of Glasgow
  2. Diploma in the Scientific Basis of Dermatology - Cardiff University, UK
Professional Registration
  1. Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) (No. 29742)
  2. National Specialist Register (NSR), Malaysia (No. 124291)
Professional Membership
  1. Member of Royal College of Physicians (RCP), UK
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