Dr Ilham Wan Mokhtar

Dr Ilham Wan Mokhtar

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Dr Ilham Wan Mokhtar

Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry

Dr Ilham Wan Mokhtar obtained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from University Malaya in 2008. She then served as a Dental Officer in Sabah Borneo for 2 years. Later in 2010, she decided to join the academic world by signing in as a Trainee Lecturer with Faculty of Dentistry, Mara University of Technology UiTM Shah Alam. She gained experience as a clinician, researcher and trainee lecturer for 2 years before successfully secured a full government scholarship to pursue her specialist study in Pediatric & Special Care Dentistry at Ghent University, Belgium. Within the specialist training, she did her clinical residency for special care dentistry at Ghent University Hospital and attained a Certificate in Oral Sedation Usage in Dentistry from Ghent University and KU Leuven Belgium. She also received a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification from the same institution. She achieved a professional level (B2) of Netherlands language.

Returning home in early 2016, she was appointed as a Pediatric & Special Care Specialist/Lecturer within the Center of Studies for Comprehensive Care, Faculty Dentistry UiTM. Her main goal is to provide service to the children, especially special needs person and their parents/caretakers.

She has experience in non-pharmacological behavior management, oral sedation and general anesthesia usage in dentistry, dental traumatology, advanced restorative technique in children dentistry, regenerative endodontic using Biodentine, management of medically compromised patients, person with impairments (physical, intellectual, mental), and oral health care for disable person.

For her advancement in clinical knowledge, she has attended various conferences, seminars and congresses nationally and internationally mainly in Europe. She is the member of Malaysian Dental Association, Belgium Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

  1. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) - University of Malaya, Malaysia
Professional Registration
  1. Malaysian Dental Council (MDC) (No. 4308)
Professional Membership
  1. Member of Belgian Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (BAPD)
  2. Member of European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (EAPD)

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