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Updated: 2018 December

Are you concerned about the quality and prices while looking for the best vaser liposuction in Selangor?

With so many Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery clinics providing vaser liposuction in Selangor, how do you make the right choice?

Vaser Liposuction

As a community medical support network here at Erufu Care, we have compiled the best Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery clinics with vaser liposuction in Selangor for you, based on reviews and ratings from verified patients who have gone to the clinic - who knows better than those who have experienced it first-hand?

In the list of 2 Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery clinics below, you can find answers to:

  • What qualifications do the doctors have?
  • How were the experiences of other patients who had vaser liposuction treatment at the Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery clinic?
  • Where is the Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery clinic? How is the traffic condition around the clinic in Selangor?
  • When is the Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery clinic open? Do I need to make an appointment?
  • What types of vaser liposuction treatments does the Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery clinic provide?
  • How much does vaser liposuction cost around Selangor?
Unlike usual liposuction procedures, Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound waves to break up the fat cells to remove unwanted or excess fat from your body. Vaser liposuction can also target specific areas of fat in the body, so the process leaves other tissues intact and makes the muscles appear more defined. During a Vaser Liposuction, thin probes are inserted into the target treatment area through tiny incisions. These probes then transmite the ultrasound energy to break up and liquify the fat cells. After that, the liquified fats are removed from your body through a gentle suction. The results of Vaser liposuction can be seen immediately after treatment but optimal results can be seen after 3 to 4 months. Vaser liposuction is usually done on an outpatient basis.

About Selangor:

Selangor is the richest state in Malaysia, with the highest population density. It is also the most urbanized state in the country, with ample medical facilities, accommodation and entertainment centres.

With urbanisation and the ethnic diversity in Selangor, you can easliy communicate in English, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil and other ethnic languages here.

Selangor is also the most accessible state, and the easiest to get around, with an abundance of public transport like transits, buses, taxis and ride hailing services (Grab), and well constructed highways and roads for driving.

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We compiled Selangor doctors that are licensed by ministry of health Malaysia and verified by Erufu Care Team. So here’s the list of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery clinics near you in Selangor!

  • 2 total Vaser Liposuction clinics
  • Average rating 4.6 over 5
  • 26 verified reviews

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Irma - 16th October 2017

Getting better already! I am having skin allergy and doctor advises me to take antibiotics, creams, and supplement for about a month. The medication is really effective for me! Besides, doctor has also advises me to stop eating certain foods like fermented foods, fast food, sugary foods. The doctor has helped me very much, explained a lot to me. Hmm..just that the cost is a little bit pricey for me which i spent about RM376. Anyway i understood that the supplement is from US, and overall i would say their service is really okay for me!

Kim - 30th October 2018

Visited the clinic on the platform of ERUFU Care. Attitude of doctor and staff was nice, they're friendly. Environment and service were very good. However, would appreciate to be informed upfront of the consultation fee.

Azimah - 1st June 2017

Satisfied with the treatment in the clinic...service was good as well.

En AZMAN - 30th May 2016

Provides good service and their staffs are friendly. Maybe clinic is quite busy on weekend? Because it is quite difficult to get an appointment with them during weekend.

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