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Updated: 2018 December

Are you concerned about the quality and prices while looking for the best acne treatment in Kuala Lumpur?

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Acne Treatment

As a community medical support network here at Erufu Care, we have compiled the best Dermatologist, Skin and Specialist clinics with acne treatment in Kuala Lumpur for you, based on reviews and ratings from verified patients who have gone to the clinic - who knows better than those who have experienced it first-hand?

In the list of 31 Dermatologist, Skin and Specialist clinics below, you can find answers to:

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  • How much does acne treatment cost around Kuala Lumpur?
Acne can be a real problem on our skin, and can become worse if left untreated. There are two types of acne: inflammatory acne (the red bumps with pus fluid) and comedogenic acne (black or white pores). The usual treatments for acne are laser treatments, chemical peel and microdermabrasion. Different acne conditions and severity require different diagnosis and treatment methods. It is best for you to consult with the doctor to see which treatment suits you best.

Acne Treatment is commonly used to treat the following diseases/condition: Acne

About Kuala Lumpur:

Kuala Lumpur (KL) is the federal capital and the largest city in Malaysia, holding the largest amount of medical facilities, entertainment centres, and accommodation as a city in Malaysia.

Medical treatments in Malaysia are known for its affordability. Flight, accommodation, treatment, and a trip round the city usually cost less than the medical treatment price in the US or Europe.

English is widely spoken here in Kuala Lumpur, and travelling in and around KL is easy as public transportations like transits, bus and taxis are readily available, and driving isn't difficult too with highways and well paved roads in the city centre. Ride hailing apps (Grab) are also available in abundance.

There are 3 international airports in and around KL, the KL International Airport (KLIA), KL International Airport 2 (KLIA2), and the Subang Jaya Airport (SZB).

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We compiled Kuala Lumpur doctors that are licensed by ministry of health Malaysia and verified by Erufu Care Team. So here’s the list of Dermatologist, Skin and Specialist clinics near you in Kuala Lumpur!

  • 31 total Acne Treatment clinics
  • Average rating 4.4 over 5
  • 1590 verified reviews

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How - 18th July 2017 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

I only visited this clinic two days ago to treat acne. I think the service of the clinic is good and the price is OK.

Irfan - 18th July 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

There is a change. It's going to be. First time go take medicines, antibiotics, oils and cleansers. Second time is also facial treatment. The cost of treatment is around RM600 ++. Overall, I am satisfied.

Cik Siti - 23rd December 2015 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

The services provided are good, no problem. The environment is also beautiful and suitable for treatment. Overall, I feel calm during the treatment.

Mohd - 21st August 2018

Dr and staff are friendly, from the platform of ERUFU Care.

Belle - 4th August 2015

Clear and matte laserI am from Brunei and this clinic was recommended by a good friend of mine as she is a regular customer here. I must say they offer an excellent service! I only went twice for the treatment and my acne has improved a lot. 10/10 :D The doctor was efficient and I felt so welcomed. Clinic has nice ambience and is quite clean. Staff are generally polite. Definitely coming back again for future treatment with my sister this time.

Grace - 16th August 2014

I have been troubled by acne, big pores problem for several years.The result was disappointed even visited several beauty saloon.Since done the chemical peel and facial treatment in My Bliss Clinic, acne obviously became less and smooth. I am very satisfied with the warm services provided by the staffs and professional advice given by Dr Elson Chee. Thank you!

Nabila - 25th March 2014

My skin has a lot of acne and freckles. I also have large pores, clogged skin and oily skin. After undergoing POREfessional facial treatment twice, my skin is bright, clean and non-oily. My skin feel so smooth now. Currently, I am happy. Thank you Doctor.

Fairry - 7th August 2017

I've received my 1st treatment and it was okay, my conditions are getting better now! Overall it's good here!

Nadia - 4th May 2017

I've been here twice. During the first visit, I've got a chemical peel (RM300) and an injection for acne (RM80). I've got the harshest chemical peel as my acne condition is really bad, that's also why it's quite painful and the recovery time took me for about 2-3 weeks. But the results from the chemical peel is really good.

Cik Asmahan - 10th October 2016

Acne has decreased. I am still receiving the treatment. Everything is fine, although the price of treatment is quite expensive as I previously compared the price of treatment with other clinics. However, after receiving treatment at the clinic, I think the price paid is worth it. Dr gave sufficient information regarding my condition. I am satisfied.

Tatiana - 17th April 2017

I had a lot of acne and acne scars which hurt me every time I look in the mirror. So I decided to do something about it and then I came across Klinik Dr Inder through facebook and I wanted to jump in for a free consultation and my first encounter with Dr. Inder was really impressive and I was so happy to have found her. Dr very well explained me the cause and the best solution to get rid of these acne and scars, I did my laser treatment in the clinic and I am very happy doing it. The staff was very friendly and really helped me feel relaxed throughout my sessions. I would highly recommend anyone to have laser treatment at Klinik Dr. Inder. The staff are friendly and accommodating, making appointments easy to attend.

Cik Norhasimah - 31st December 2015 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

The doctor is pretty good. I also feel comfortable with the clinic environment. Additionally, I just received the first treatment and found that there was a good change.

Lisa - 9th August 2017

I'm very satisfied with the service and treatment here. The clinic is a little quiet though, can perhaps liven it up a bit, or maybe it's just me :D

Salina - 12th June 2017

I've been here for a few sessions in April, and I'm very satisfied with my treatments here! The doctors and staffs are very friendly, and treated me very well, and the medications are actually very good! I've recovered from my conditions here. The clinic is cozy and clean, and the cost for me is reasonable.

Yee Thai Nean - 14th December 2017

I was beyond impressed with my experience at this doctor’s office. My first contact was with Mr Jason and I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind he was and how fast he was at getting back to me! A lot of doctors don’t realize how important it is to have administration like Mr Jason. The first point of contact is crucial! Now on to the appointment, my appointment ran on time, Dr Tristan was really knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable throughout the appointment! I would highly recommend this clinic.

Marliana - 24th August 2017

Done my treatment and now waiting for second appointment in early September. So far so good, everything is ok.

Sarah - 17th August 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

Receive medicines & injections (RM1K treatment cost), still have pimple yet but not as bad as before.

谢小姐 - 29th March 2016 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

Now my situation is indeed much better! The doctor explained it carefully and the clinic staff were all very good! Moreover, they provide a good environment! In terms of price, it is a bit high, but there are no other big problems.

Warnanik - 25th April 2018 - Original in Indonesian, translated by Google

It's been almost a month since I went to Ko's hospital in front of IOI Puchong. Doctors are given 2 types of medicine. Both forms of pills. One is white and one is purple. Small shape. Taxable take twice a day. One during the day and one before bed. Now ni I still eat medicine. The medicine is still there. If you have run out of new medication plan to hospital again later. The services of doctors and nurses also have no problems. They are kind and kind. About my time does not wait long. As I recall there were only two people when I went to the hospital. So it's not long to wait.

Hafizah - 28th July 2016

Good service, staff gave tutoring and information regarding my condition. For example, the cause of acne growth and what treatment is right for me. During the discussion, they also served water. The price of the product is also reasonable, some may be slightly expensive but its worth it because it suits my skin. Acne has decreased. I am a bit busy lately, therefore still arranging for further treatment. In my opinion, the product is different from the products available in the market. Friends also say, "You are looking good."Totally worth it because there is a positive sign!

Asmiza Asmit - 31st October 2017

Good service from the doctor and beautician. The staff very friendly too. Price is reasonable and high recommendation for those who got pimple problem. After a week do baby facial you guys can see the improvement. Trust me! Hope it is my luck to get free treatment from dr chong clinic . Thank you doctor! #drchongclinic

Fiza AbdulRazak - 31st October 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

Like dr chong clinic as always to promote the treatment of �, friendly staff service, the staff takes care of my skin's face to be clean from acne, and even bright skin. I've been taking treatment for 4 times. I hope sy will get another treatment. Note: Good service! Good treatment! Very recommended �

Sangee Ellankovan - 30th July 2017

I had a lot of acne breakouts and scarring when I first went to Chong Clinic, but in a short month, my acne almost completely disappeared and with their carbon laser facial, the pimple scarring was also dramatically reduced. Having been to like three clinic prior and having very slow results, Chong Clinic is certainly the best in terms of service, speed and pricing.

Pn. Suri - 25th July 2017

Clinic Clique was excellent! After my son received his first laser treatment, the clinic also called me to schedule follow-up sessions and asked about my son's condition. I didn't wait very long since I had already set the time and date for my appointment. As soon as I got to the clinic, it was already my turn. For my son's case, the cost for one session of laser treatment was around RM450. I'm still not sure how many sessions are needed since it depends on how my son's birthmark. The first time, I went to the clinic at 10 am, so the area was quite jam and finding parking was difficult.

Ainnasyafiqah Bt Khairul Anuar - 30th January 2018

My first visit to this clinic.The doctor gave some medicine for my acne problem.Been a month since I'm already taking the medication, I can see a big difference from before.There are only scars now and no more breakouts.Although the price is slightly expensive, I think its alright since I'm aware of Dr Ko Clinic's high-quality service and medications.Explanation from the doctor is good.

En AZMAN - 30th May 2016

Provides good service and their staffs are friendly. Maybe clinic is quite busy on weekend? Because it is quite difficult to get an appointment with them during weekend.

Nabil - 15th August 2017

I just got my treatment last week. I didn't notice any changes yet but it's normal because it's still quite soon after the treatment. There were many types of medicine- some were in the form of pills and some shampoo. The cost was RM 400 but honestly, it was quite pricey for me since I am still a student but the doctor was okay.I will meet him again next week.

Nyam June - 12th October 2015

Me and my elder sister likes this clinic a lot . Well done and thumbs up! 5 star for their staffs and dr

Christine Lee - 29th August 2017

PRP treatment is very effective to me! Hehe im happy to have Dr Amelia taking care of my skin, so professional and kind! And you too Moon! Like your service!! Im happy with the treatment result!!!

Grace Kua - 17th October 2016

I was introduced to the Red Carpet Facial, of which are very popular amongst the hollywood stars. Loved the results!! After just one session, my oily/combination skin had become perfectly balanced, clean, radiant, subtle and acne disappeared. Subsequently, I was introduced to use "IS Clinical" range of products, C'ensil's L-Ascorbic Acid Serum and Crystal Tomato Tablets to improve my skin condition - uneven skin tone, dull, acne scars, and open pores. The product specialist and doctors informed me that crystal tomato tablets would only provide results in 3 months' time but within less than a month, people around me had complimented that my skin was smoother, brighter, and fairer. They were very professional by not over-promising me the results. As for the C'sensil's L-Ascorbic Acid Serum, within the first few days, my skin had became a LOT smoother, pores reduced, texture more subtle, scars reduced, less acne, and brighter. Hand-in-hand, these two products, with occassional facial sessions, gave me the impressive results, within the shortest time ever! The clean, classy ambience, coupled with warm service by the doctors, nurses, customer service and sales staff made it a very good experience. Thumbs up!!

Pang - 27th February 2017 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

Suddenly there was a lot of acne on the face. At the same time, several questions were sent to several clinics through the platform. The explanation was the most detailed. The information most helped me and I decided to go to this place to receive treatment (taking medicine + needle cleaning). The service of the clinic is very good. The doctors are very nice and the explanations are very detailed. I have already been to the clinic 2 times. The next course of treatment is 2 weeks later. My skin condition is currently well controlled, but the problem of pock has not yet been resolved.

Cik Farazatul - 30th June 2016

Staff gave consultation for about an hour, the explanation is very meticulous. But for me, if the doctor gave the consultation would be better. I will be more confident about the advice. I'm using their skin care products. At the beginning, a fine acne on the chin, then it's good. The products help moisturize the skin and eliminate the burning effect caused by the use of products that bought elsewhere.

Zainab. - 16th May 2018

Yes, i got an immediate reply from Gem Clinic So, I went there and I am already on treatment with them. I have gone for the second follow up with the doctor at another branch which is nearest to my place. It happened when Gem Clinic WhatsApp me and they refer me to PJ branch that is nearer to me (Shah Alam). They are very efficient and friendly, very professional and knowledgeable on which treatment is suitable for me. I do acne treatment, by the way, My acne is slowly getting better and the results are visible after 2 weeks! Of course, not 100% but I don't expect fast results just as long as there is a difference. I can actually see my skin is smoother now without so many red bumps. My fear of going to beauty clinics is crazy expensive packages! Because I had a bad experience before where a “certain clinic” even forced me to take out money from atm that is in their clinic! But my first meeting with Gem Clinic nothing about packages or pressures that's what I like about them. I had to wait a bit, yes but it wasn't so long and the clinic is comfortable. The service is great because I find them very efficient, I got a reply almost immediately after I sent the inquiry I would say a bit costly but worth it So I had antibiotics and a range of skincare set I think it was about 600 or 500 something.

Irma - 16th October 2017

Getting better already! I am having skin allergy and doctor advises me to take antibiotics, creams, and supplement for about a month. The medication is really effective for me! Besides, doctor has also advises me to stop eating certain foods like fermented foods, fast food, sugary foods. The doctor has helped me very much, explained a lot to me. Hmm..just that the cost is a little bit pricey for me which i spent about RM376. Anyway i understood that the supplement is from US, and overall i would say their service is really okay for me!

nur athirah binti jafri - 18th January 2018

Got treatments from different Ko Clinic branches.Impressive to see standardised pricing and excellent service in their branches.My first visit was for acne treatment to Ko Clinic in Kuala Selangor.Since it was just consultation and medications, it cost me around RM 300++.My second visit was to Ko Clinic in Penang, doctor did treatment for my acne and white head problem.It cost me about RM 600++ for the second visit.Even though its a little pricey, I think now it's totally worth it that I'm starting to see a big difference from my face condition from before.

Naqi Naj - 18th October 2015

As a guy, i would say this is the best clinic for facial. I would suggest for people who are looking for skincare specialist. Here is the best clinic.

Alfred - 28th September 2017

I went here for three times already. The treatments including medication, injection and facial which cost me around RM1K. All I can say their services are not bad.

Alaina - 22nd September 2014

"Acne Treatment I had some bad acne breakouts and pigmentation and did their soft laser, was impressed with Dr explanation and hands on treatment unlike other places where their therapist did the laser. Saw good results, will recommend to my friends."

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