Dr. Alan Ong

Dr. Alan Ong

Medical Aesthetics
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Dr. Alan Ong

Founder and Cosmetic Doctor of Bioscor Clinic

Bioscor was founded in 1992 by Dr. Alan Ong (M.B.B.S Melb). Dr Alan Ong’s own personal experience with hair loss began when he was 19, at the prime of his youth. His research eventually led him to create Bioscor’s own special formulation to fight hair loss. Since 1992, his vision has led to Bioscor expanding worldwide and helping hair loss sufferers everywhere. In addition, Dr Ong had delved into cosmetic medicine and established himself as one of the top Cosmetic Doctors in Asia.

Since then, Bioscor International has established an international presence with clinics worldwide and is now recognised as a leader in the fields of tailored natural hair regrowth and haircare products; skincare products and treatments; anti-ageing treatments and various other aesthetic services.

  1. Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) - Melbourne, Australia

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