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Updated: 2019 May

Are you concerned about the before and after results and condition recurrence of scar removal provided by clinics in Pahang?

Being part of the online healthcare community here at Erufu Care, we understand your concerns, too. So we always work to find and compile information on Scar Removal services in Pahang through surveys, treatment experience feedback, and recommendations from patients in our community, like you.

To date, 40,521 people have asked about Scar Removal services. Some of the common questions include:

  • Will you see the before and after results of the treatment immediately?
  • Tired of your condition returning no matter how many Scar Removal service you've had?

With so many medical clinics providing Scar Removal, and so many different treatment options available in Pahang, how do you make the right choice?

Scar Removal

Some scars are permanently etched on our skin, and are still visible no matter how much makeup we use to cover it up. Rather than covering it up, we can get rid of our scars permanently via laser treatments. There are different technologies and treatments available, you can discuss with the doctor to see which treatment is the most effective in getting rid of your scar.

Scar Removal is commonly used to treat the following diseases/condition: Chicken Pox Scars

+ More about Scar Removal

As an online community medical support network here at Erufu Care, we have compiled the best medical clinics providing Scar Removal in Pahang for you, along with genuine reviews and ratings from verified patients who have gone to the clinic - who knows better than those who have experienced it first-hand?

In the list of 1 medical clinics providing Scar Removal below, you can find:

  • Doctors qualifications
  • Patients review and rating
  • Scar Removal clinic location, traffic condition in Pahang
  • Clinic opening hours, appointments
  • Types of Scar Removal provided
  • Price of Scar Removal around Pahang

We compiled Pahang clinics and doctors that are licensed by the ministry of health Malaysia and verified by Erufu Care Team.There are medical clinics in Kuantan, and other areas around Pahang, so pick one that you are interested in!

  • 1 total clinics providing Scar Removal
  • Average rating 4.4 over 5
  • 48 verified reviews

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Peng - 10th March 2017 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

There were many scars on the hands and feet, and doctors used ointments. After one month, I found that the scars had faded! Overall, I was very satisfied with the services provided by the clinic. The only thing I was not satisfied with was that the price was a bit too high!

Cik Syazlin - 7th March 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

I've been here before 2014 for laser treatment on my accident scars. I made it in kuantan. 6th treatment. They like their doctor, just the price, hopefully there is a discount from the clinic for another treatment. :)

Cik Mawaddah Yatiman - 3rd June 2016 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

The first treatment results are quite good, looking at the changes, the scar has been flat. It feels like two to three times more treatments. But it's okay to see the situation, because scarring is a bit old for three years. Service from the clinic is nice, welcome with a smile. Only one thing I feel can be improved again. Some technology or machines are only available at Klang Valley branches, please visit other branches as well as medical machines.

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