Your 8 Bad Habits that Cause Large Pores on Your Face

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It’s annoying - even after hiding them under concealers, facial makeups might cause clogged pores, get worn off easily due to large pores. Have you wondered if your bad habits may have caused them?

Dollah face large pore

“Juliet, look! The pores on my face are so large I could put a toothpick in it!”

Dollah was worried about his facial condition a few days ago when we met. I haven’t seen him this way since he got his “adult pimples” more than half a year ago.

Honestly, Dollah doesn’t really care about proper skin care, and he loves eating heavily flavoured foods. Well that certainly shows on his skin, doesn’t it? We’ve gone through the 9 causes of acne before, and this time, we’ll cross check these 8 bad habits that cause large pores, too!

1. Overusing oil-control skincare products

use toom much oily-control product

Do you have an oily, or combination skin? If yes, you might be prone to large pores. This is because your face may secrete too much natural oil (sebum), which could easily lead to clogged pores. Thus, it affects your metabolism, and your pores are enlarged.

Many people find stronger oil control skincare products better – and feel best when there’s a tightening effect on the face after cleansing.

It’s a huge mistake!

By doing this, our regular oil gland secretion will be disturbed. It may then trigger more oil production on our face, resulting in a counter-effect.

2.Washing your face with hot or cold water

use lukewarm water wash face

Hot or cold water?

Some beauty gurus on the social medias swear by using hot water for face wash, as the heat could enlarge your facial pores to cleanse away the excess oil. Some support the idea of using cold water instead, as cold water could minimise pores, so that your pores look smaller.

There are pros and cons to use hot or cold water to wash our face, thus came a remedy that combines the use of hot and cold water for a face wash, and it claimed to be the perfect solution. However, this is not scientifically proven!

You must understand that our faces don’t just open the pores whenever we want. Besides, a combination of those 2 extreme water temperatures may irritate our face and make our facial condition worse, especially among people with sensitive skin!

So what is the optimal temperature for face wash? I believe that lukewarm water is the most appropriate choice. Lukewarm water has the closest temperature to our body temperature, thus it won’t be as irritable to our skin as hot or cold water is!

3.Popping your pimples or blackheads too much

always popping blackhead cause large pore

When you see blackheads or whiteheads appearing on your face, could you resist popping them?

Most of us pop your pimples or blackheads when we see one. While this may indeed make your pores appear smaller, it could actually cause irreversible damages to your skin overtime!

Red pimples are usually a sign of inflamed skin. You might hurt your skin dermal layer when you forcefully pop them out, leaving acne scars or “little holes”. Similarly, popping blackheads may enlarge your pores!

Popping your pimples or blackheads too much could affect your beauty. Try reading “Juliet, Please Take Me Away From the Moon after that ‘War On Acne’!” and see what you could do when you have acne scars!

4.Not removing your makeup properly

not remove make up preperly

This is something I would like to warn you dearly: do remember to REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP, REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP, REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP! (It’s so important that I have to repeat 3 times!)

Many of us conceal our enlarged pores with makeup foundation, BB cream, CC cream, or powder, among other cosmetic products to cover our flaws. It’s perfectly fine, but don’t forget the importance of removing your makeup!

Many cosmetic products (e.g., BB cream) contain mineral oil. If you don’t remove your makeup properly, or only depend on a facial cleanser, your face may not be clean enough. If you do not cleanse your face properly, over time, the cosmetic ingredients would clog up your pores, the stratum corneum (the most outer layer of your skin surface, epidermal layer) of your skin would accumulate dirt, and find it difficult to breathe. Don’t be surprised then when large pores and pimples come hunting you down!

5.Not paying attention to moisturising and anti-aging skin care

dry skin large pore

Aren’t large pores all about oily skin?

There are various types of explanations and leading causes to large pores. From too much oil secretion from our skin, aging, to the gradual loss of our body collagen, resulting in our facial pores losing skin elasticity, causing our pores to relax and appear large.

In fact, pores on an aging skin may be harder to get rid of. However, you may opt for certain anti-aging products.

At the same time, do maintain a balanced lifestyle, by not eating processed foods and burning midnight oils (stay awake overnight). These habits would help slow down your skin aging processes!

6.Not getting adequate sun protection

sun damage cause blackhead

If you’re prone to oily skin, you might find that applying sunblock make your facial condition worse. To avoid clogged pores, you choose to avoid sunblock altogether. But little did you know that this is actually damaging for your skin!

Since aging causes large pores, what accelerates the aging process of your skin? The ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV radiation can harm our skin so much that besides large pores, it could cause melasma, too!

Choose a suitable sunblock for your facial condition.Most cosmetic retail shops or counters provide testers, so you could try out the products before buying them. I believe it’s not too hard to find a non-oily cosmetic product, that leaves you with a fresh-looking skin after application!


smoking cause large pore

When you smoke, your facial surface is exposed to the smoke dirts and toxic substances from the cigarette, which may stick onto your face.

Besides, smoking could cause blood vessels constriction, affecting your skin’s blood circulation. This may reduce the transportation of oxygen and nutrients from your blood to your skin. As a result, you’d get large pores, dry skin, and age faster.

8.Having a sweet tooth (loving sweet foods!)

too much sweet food cause large pore

Are you a rice addict? Do you find it hard to resist sweet foods?

It’s time for you to quit them! According to a published study on 2002 Archives of Dermatology by Prof. Loren Cordain from Colorado State University, taking foods with high-glycemic index will cause your body insulin levels to increase. This leads to an increase of insulinoid, named  IGF-1. As both IGF-1 and insulin levels increase, they trigger the secretion of testosterone (male hormones), thus affecting the secretion of fat glands.

Difficult to understand? Let me explain to you better! That means by taking foods with high sugar, there will be more oil secretion on your face, which leads to clogged pores, large pores and pimples growth!

dollah quite sweet food prevent large pore

“Juliet, I think you’re right, It’s time for me to quit fast foods and desserts!”

Dollah vowed to maintain a healthy diet this time. I hope he doesn’t give empty promises again! If you have large pores on your face, you should also try correcting your bad habits!

If you’ve tried various methods and skincare products but can’t see any positive effects on your skin, you may seek professional advice from doctors. Juliet is here to help you on finding the right doctor and clinic you’d love, so click here to find clinics that provide large pores treatments. Your preferred clinic will reply your enquiry within 3 working days!

I’m here to wish you quick recovery from having a strawberry-like nose or an orange peel-like skin! Do you have any “secret recipe” to fight away large pores? Do share your care tips here in the Comments section below!


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