Bye-Bye Nasty Smell! 4 Self-Care Tips to Eliminate Body Odour

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Body odour is not a physical illness, but it could make us feel awkward around people, or even annoy them. Let’s take a look and see what we can do to get rid of our body odour!

If you have body odour, don’t worry - this could be due to your genes, just like how some people are born with a double eyelid, while some others are not. So let’s take a look at how you can eliminate your body odour!

1.Maintain good personal hygiene

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Although body odour may be due to genetics, your personal hygiene can help in significantly reducing your body odour. Shower twice daily, change your undergarments frequently, as well as to keep your underarms dry and clean to reduce bacteria growth, thus reducing your body odour. Besides, grooming your underarm hair regularly is also a good way to help you prevent bacteria growth.

2.Apply deodorant/antiperspirant products

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We see various deodorants and antiperspirant products that come in forms of sprays, roll-on, or medicated paste, at various personal care outlets in shopping malls. Many people may not be able to see the differences between these products, however. Did you know that deodorants and antiperspirant products work differently?

Deodorants help in hiding your body odour, while antiperspirant products contain aluminium salt that blocks your sweat glands, which then directly reduces the sweat gland secretion. Remember that you’ll need to apply antiperspirant products at the right time!

how deodarant work

It’s not appropriate to apply antiperspirant products only when you’re leaving the house or before your outdoor activities. This is because antiperspirant products take time before taking effect. Plus, our sweat could “wash away” the contents of applied antiperspirant products. So the best time to apply antiperspirant products is before you sleep or after you shower!

3. Watch what you eat

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Any food or beverages that contain caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate, etc.) as well as alcoholic drinks play a role in diuretic perspiration*, leading to an active sweat gland. On the other hand, you may also cut down on taking irritable foods such as chilis, onions, garlic, leek, etc. These foods contain volatile (easily evaporated) substances that will be released along with your sweat, resulting in strong body odour.

4. Maintain a peaceful mind

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For ladies, our sweat glands may be affected by endocrine, thus during menstruation and pregnancy, our body odour would be stronger than usual. If you’re nervous or get emotionally excited (angry, happy, etc.), your underarms may emit a strange smell as well. Thus, maintaining a normal lifestyle and a peaceful mind help you to relax, while reducing your body odour! Try some yoga or meditation!

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For some, body odour is something quite embarassing to speak about. Don’t be shy! I’m here to help you! ERUFU Care is an online platform that helps you to find a professional doctor or a credible clinic. Just send your enquiries to any of your preferred clinics here, and the clinic would reply you within 3 working days!

Our very own Juliet Station carries the mission of “guiding you through the fog of healthcare,” so I hope you’re able to find a suitable way to eliminate body odour. Kindness starts from sharing, so do share this article with your friends and loved ones!

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