5 Must-Eat Foods for Optimum Feminine Health - Ladies Take Note!

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Unlike men who have a urethra of about 25cm, women have a much shorter one at only 5cm, placed closed to the vagina and the anus, easily affected by inflammation and infection.

Last week, Lisa received treatment at the hospital for an acute urethritis, a urinary tract infection.

UTI infection

After some explanation, we found out that Lisa always waited until Lemon was asleep or resting before she started taking care of herself, causing a bad habit of her holding in her urine.

“It feels really bad. I feel the urgency to urinate, but the volume of urine isn’t much, and it’s also painful when I’m in the toilet.”

“I have to stop holding back my urine. Other than that, are there any dietary advice?"

I’ve since compiled a list of foods here. There’s a close connection between women’s vaginal and urethra opening (some women experience inflammation on the vagina and urethra at the same time), so here are the foods that are healthy for your optimum feminine health.

1. Foods with Vitamin C

Food representatives: Kiwi fruit, Citrus fruits, Guava

Studies found that Vitamin C can acidify the urine and convert the nitrite in urine into nitrite oxide which can effectively fight the 3 main bacteria causing urinary tract infection (Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus saprophyticus, Escherichia coli).

Vitamin C is one of our must-have vitamins, but we can’t produce Vitamin C on our own, so we have to absorb these from foods. Kiwi fruits, citrus fruits, and guavas are among those high in Vitamin C content.

2. Foods with Probiotics

Food representatives: Sugar-free yogurt, Miso, Kimchi

yoguet good for health

According to studies, the bacteria E.coli in the large intestine is the most common cause of urinary tract infection.

Based on the 2014 Obstetrics and Gynaecology weekly journal’s research, lactobacillus in probiotics can help maintain urinary health, and also prevent vaginal inflammation and yeast infection, as well as sexually-transmitted infections.

3.Foods with Proanthocyanidin

Food representatives: Cranberry, Pomegranate, Grapes

Foods with Proanthocyanidin for feminine health

Now that you know probiotics can fight bacteria in the large intestine, Proanthocyanidin can help in prevent bacteria from sticking onto the intestinal wall.

Proanthocyanidin can prevent E.coli bacteria from sticking onto the urethra cells, allowing bacteria to be released during urination, thus preventing the chances of infection.

Proanthocyanidin is a type of polyphenol compound found in the skin, outer layer and seeds of plants (like grapes and cranberry). Out of the fruits and foods containing Proanthocyanidin, the A-type Proanthocyanidins in cranberries are the most effective.

*Remember: When buying cranberry juice, choose those that are sugar-free. Sugars can not only cause weight gain, but also worsen urinary tract infections, as sugars promote bacterial growth.

4. Foods with Sulfur

Food representatives:Garlic, Onions, Leek

Foods with Sulfur good gor feminine health

Due to the unique taste and smell of garlic, it was used to expel demons and vampires during the ancient European era.

Even though these sulfur-rich foods can leave an odour in your mouth, sulfide has strong antibacterial characteristics with good bacteria content, helping in relieving vaginal itching, vaginal odour, vaginal discharge and other feminine problems, besides building higher immunity and lowering chances of re-infection.

There’s something to take note of: the nutrient value of raw garlics are higher than cooked ones, because garlics disintegrate easily after heating, decreasing its antibacterial function. However, raw garlics are not for everyone, as they contain strong stimulants and can hurt sensitive stomachs, causing bloating, heartburn, or gastric.

Are you worried about the after-effects of these foods on your oral odour after eating? Check out these 10 foods to cover bad breath!

5. The Ultimate, All-Powerful, All-Purpose... Plain Water

drink water good foe health

Drinking plain water is very important for our health, especially in this hot Malaysian weather!

The most practical and cheapest method of preventing urinary tract infection is to drink more water, because urination cleans the bladder and urethra as well. More water means less bacterial growth in the urethra.

Other than urinary tract health, water is also good for vaginal health! Like our oral cavity, the vagina is made up of mucosal tissue, and an adequate amount of water is important to maintain the moisture of these tissues.

Ultimately, foods are only a part of feminine healthcare. To effectively fight and prevent urinary tract infection, a healthy lifestyle is also needed! What are your thoughts on this?

Do you have any other tips or comments? Share them with me at the comments below!

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