Dr Justine Liong Pek Yee

Dr Justine Liong Pek Yee

Medical Aesthetics
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Dr Justine Liong Pek Yee

Consultant Aesthetic Physician

With more than 10 years of experience in aesthetic medicine, Dr Justine is a graduate from the University of New South Wales who also possesses a Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology from the National University of Singapore, a Diploma in Reproductive Medicine from UPM and a Certificate in Medical Acupuncture from Monash University.

"The most important thing is the safety and comfort of my patients.” She says in an interview done by PASSIONS magazine. " I would not expect my patients to bear with the kind of down time or scarring or discomfort that I myself will not be able to bear with. So my policy is to be safe, fast and effective, using only proven and advanced technologies that will give the best results in minimal time."

Dr Justine represents the ultramodern woman of today – beautiful, intelligent and a proud epitome of the fact that life for women really begins after 40. That we can be as beautiful or even more beautiful after 40 than when we were in our 20s. All it takes is a healthy lifestyle, moderation in diet and a little extra help to stay beautiful always.

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