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Osteoarthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)



Osteoarthritis, degenerative arthritis, degenerative joint disease

Medical category:



Not contagious

Common among:

Older adults, women

Medical diagnosis:




Medical treatment:




Permanent cure:

Not available

What is osteoarthritis? What are the signs and symptoms?

Arthritis refers to joint inflammation in general. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis characterized by chronic joint pain and stiffness. Osteoarthritis is also called “degenerative joint disorder”. Apparently then, it is more likely to affect middle-aged and older adults, and the condition tends to worsen over time. Osteoarthritis is more likely to affect women, but the reason is unclear. It can affect any joint, but often affects the hands, knees, hips, and spine.

What causes osteoarthritis?

The cause of osteoarthritis is not exactly known, but joint injuries, diseases, and infections can potentially trigger it.

Can osteoarthritis be treated? How?

Osteoarthritis has no permanent cure, but treatments are available to relieve suffering. Since it is a long-lasting disease, careful management is necessary to prevent the condition from worsening.

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