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Updated: 2018 December

Are you concerned about the quality and prices while looking for the best scaling and polishing (teeth cleaning) in Kuala Lumpur?

With over 250 Dentist and Dental clinics around in Kuala Lumpur, how do you make the right choice for the scaling and polishing (teeth cleaning) treatment that suits you the most?

Scaling and Polishing (Teeth Cleaning)

As a community medical support network here at Erufu Care, we have compiled the best Dentist and Dental clinics with scaling and polishing (teeth cleaning) in Kuala Lumpur for you, based on reviews and ratings from verified patients who have gone to the clinic - who knows better than those who have experienced it first-hand?

In the list of 33 Dentist and Dental clinics below, you can find answers to:

  • What qualifications do the dentists have?
  • How were the experiences of other patients who had scaling and polishing (teeth cleaning) treatment at the Dentist and Dental clinic?
  • Where is the Dentist and Dental clinic? How is the traffic condition around the clinic in Kuala Lumpur?
  • When is the Dentist and Dental clinic open? Do I need to make an appointment?
  • What types of scaling and polishing (teeth cleaning) treatments does the Dentist and Dental clinic provide?
  • How much does scaling and polishing (teeth cleaning) cost around Kuala Lumpur?

A thorough cleaning and removal of all traces of plaque and tartar on your teeth that cannot be removed by brushing.

Scaling and Polishing (Teeth Cleaning) is commonly used to treat the following diseases/condition: Plaque on Teeth, Stained Teeth, Cavities (Tooth Decay), Tooth Damage, Tooth Infection, Tartar

About Kuala Lumpur:

Kuala Lumpur (KL) is the federal capital and the largest city in Malaysia, holding the largest amount of medical facilities, entertainment centres, and accommodation as a city in Malaysia.

Medical treatments in Malaysia are known for its affordability. Flight, accommodation, treatment, and a trip round the city usually cost less than the medical treatment price in the US or Europe.

English is widely spoken here in Kuala Lumpur, and travelling in and around KL is easy as public transportations like transits, bus and taxis are readily available, and driving isn't difficult too with highways and well paved roads in the city centre. Ride hailing apps (Grab) are also available in abundance.

There are 3 international airports in and around KL, the KL International Airport (KLIA), KL International Airport 2 (KLIA2), and the Subang Jaya Airport (SZB).

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We compiled Kuala Lumpur dentists that are licensed by ministry of health Malaysia and verified by Erufu Care Team. So here’s the list of Dentist and Dental clinics near you in Kuala Lumpur!

  • 33 total Scaling and Polishing (Teeth Cleaning) clinics
  • Average rating 4.6 over 5
  • 659 verified reviews
  • Provisional cost starting from RM 100, average at RM 200, depending on treatment and procedure options

Just click into any clinics to view treatment options and price guides, read reviews from patients, see photos, or even send a message to the clinic.

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Ms.Zhang - 8th September 2017 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

Currently doing dental braces at this clinic, the braces I wear are self-locking braces. Doctors say it takes an estimated 18 months to correct them. I feel very good about the service of this clinic, and the doctor's attitude is also very professional!

Jane Ong - 1st February 2018

Undoubtedly= 5 STARS for Smile Avenue Dental Clinic.. let me conclude it as: (1) Comfortable environment; (2) Strategic place; (3) Well equipped; (4) Staffs? Not bad; (5) What about the dental surgeon Dr. Aric? I have been to this clinic for years- mainly for scaling & polishing, whitening treatment & recently for minor surgery on gum. First impression on the doctor: “why you are so cool & fierce?” Lol... opsss... but in fact he is a very professional dental surgeon who used to explain the condition of our teeth & the details of each procedure to the patients throughout the treatment. Young & capable. Smart & fast. Very dedicated hansome dentist. Hehe... So, please feel free to drop by Smile Avenue Dental Clinic & experience this kind of 5 stars dental treatment by yourself!! Cheers!!

Moo Hui Sin - 9th September 2017

Good service, painless scaling, reasonable price...

Mr Wang - 29th February 2016 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

The doctor explained it to me well and told me that it is not necessary to remove the wisdom tooth and wash the tooth. Although I thought he was a little serious at first, I got along with it and felt that the doctor was pretty good. As for the clinic environment, it is very clean. However, I do not think that it is a pity for the clinic not to provide services for tooth ties.

Ric - 10th December 2018

Overall service very good. We were seen straight away. It was also a Sunday but that was no problem. The dentist was very friendly. The clinic was very clean with nice sofas.

Fariq - 14th July 2017

A++ service! I underwent tooth cleaning+scaling+extraction . The total cost was around RM350. To me, it was reasonable! There is also a place for children to play, so if your child wants to go for a dental check-up you may consider this clinic too. However, I'd like to suggest something...if possible, the clinic should extend its operation hours until about 8 pm. This makes it easier for fellow workers who finish work at 5 or 6 in the afternoon.

Hani - 22nd February 2017

I have done tooth cleaning at this clinic. Everything is ok and good.

Mr Kamarul - 29th March 2016

Service was good and nice. Had received scaling treatment. They do it nicely and gently. Highly recommend this clinic to others. Hope they can maintain their service when i received the treatment after this, maybe about six month later? Besides, I hope clinic can lower the treatment cost.

Baljit singh - 25th January 2018

Very satisfied with the service from the hospital.I went there for dental implant and consultation.Dr Normah was very professional and I am fully satisfied with her service.The customer manager, Kiran who I was in contact with to make appointments etc was also very professional and pleasant.

Loi Jing - 5th June 2018 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

Not bad. Very dedicated. 👍🏻 I have been to the clinic twice.

Shang Hui Chung - 11th February 2017

The clinic The owner(s) of the clinic looked beyond providing dental service. He/she/they also provide extra services such as a children's play area and a television attached to the ceiling directly above the patient chair to enhance the whole dental visit experience. Further, the clinic is also equipped with x-ray scanner. If any scanning is required, it can be done on the spot within 5 minutes. Dentist I was attended by Dr. Andy. He gave me scaling treatment and also extracted two of my wisdom teeth. Both treatments were professionally completed, without much pain being endured (including the recovery period). Dr Andy was good in managing patients' expectation. During the process, he kept us updated of the progress. 'Please do expect a little bit of pain; the pain ends here; I am going to saw off your tooth now,etc) He also gave detailed information about the consequences of both scaling treatment and teeth extraction. 'Bleeding is expected, swelling is expected but it will subside within 2 days, etc' Further, he also gave decent advice on what not to do post surgery. He forgotten one of the advices and he purposely contacted me on the phone to convey the message. I was provided with painkiller but there was no need to put them to use. All in all, I am happy with the experience and I will return for other treatments.

Choo Mei Sze - 20th December 2014

Sleeping with a smile Thank you iCARE Dental for scaling my teeth and clearing stains with "airflow" !

TJ Tony - 7th October 2017

The Drs attending to my problem are attentive and resourceful. It lessen my fear as I never look forward to seeing a dentist as this while. Overall, it was a plesant experience as the Drs and nurses including d receptionist are helpful and courteous.

Maisarah Abdullah - 28th March 2017

I was lucky to get Doc Ibrahim. He was soo nice and was patient enough to explain everything to my son. Whoever's going for dental treatment, do call ya!

Roshan Gunasakaran - 23rd February 2018

Just got my filling done with Dr Kai Shang after also having done my scaling with him months ago too. Top man in his field. Almost slept throughout the procedure. My patched up tooth seems as good as new now!

Keat Lim - 24th January 2018

Excellent dental service received today from Dr. Yew. Premium and prompt service with reasonable price. Dr. Yew is friendly and patience to give explanation as to the process and careful advice was given. Did the fillings and polishing, no pain and uncomfortable feelings through the process. He is such a patient, passionate and friendly dentist. Highly recommend.

Kanch Murugiah - 9th January 2018

Thank you Dr Yew for scalling and polishing. Very comfortable the way you check and friendly too. Not forgetting your staff too, they are very good & friendly ;)

Jessica Lau - 7th May 2017

I had my Wisdom Tooth Extraction and scaling done today by the beautiful Dr Chong. She was so patient, gentle and what I love most about her is she will explain beforehand what she'll be doing and what to expect. Furthermore, she helped me a lot on coping my fear of going to see a dentist. Thank you Dr Chong! xoxo

Weijie Huang - 20th October 2016

Best place to visit for dental check up , scaling etc Dentist is good , excellent hand skills , No pain during the procedure ��

Ivy Lam - 8th June 2016

Dr Queck is very meticulous and has gentle hands. He put me (and my nerves!) at ease, and it was a pain free scaling and polishing.

Yang - 17th May 2018

Fine, hhh, following the rules of how to brush the tooth in a right way😛 All services r NICE 😊

Alex Lam - 13th February 2016

Dr Khoo was really warm and exuded confidence. My family and I love the fact we didn't have to wait too long (please keep this up) to see him. A previous dentist didn't respect our appointment time and kept us waiting for too long, so we packed up, and called ICARE. Within half an hour, we having our teeth scaled! Love the fact it's in a mall setting too.

Choo Mei Sze - 20th December 2014

Sleeping with a smile Thank you iCARE Dental for scaling my teeth and clearing stains with "airflow" !

SUET YAN - 5th June 2018 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

Not bad, we will continue with the next step. Yesterday, I just filled my teeth. Then I have to wash my teeth before I can sew my teeth.

Jason - 23rd October 2017

Super friendly doctor and explained every single thing clearly and super skillful. Will definitely recommend my friend and family come over.

Nurul hidayah - 24th May 2018

The result is great! Can see immediate result just after one session only. The service was great too! Dentist n staff very friendly n professional. Got free home kit as well. 699 for promo whitening plus 150 for scaling polishing. 👍🏻

chris shee - 6th January 2018

Dr Candy Tham was very patient and willing to explain every step of the way throughout the scaling process including the air polishing step. She also explained her examination of the overall health of my teeth after scaling and offered to patch a self-repair gel to two of my big tooth to work for an hour. The whole process was a breeze. No pain and all done within half an hour. One star short is just a small issue. Never been to this dental clinic before and I called to ask for the price of scaling beforehand and was informed the range between RM80-100, which was great. But ended up with RM130. Wasn't complaining about the price or service but would prefer to know the accurate price of the service beforehand if possible. I turned down another dental scaling service with awesome recommendation because the nurse said over the phone the service is above RM100 but no max range was given. Not the kind of surprise I think most common patients would love to get. Afterall dental service is usually not covered by most employment benefits. One good surprise though, both me and my friend got a small gift as first time patients. It came with an educational pamphlet for kids dental care, a handheld tooth mirror and a Colgate toothpaste! Sweet~ 😘😘😘

Chong Chong Tang - 6th February 2017

Excellent scaling and deep cleaning to remove aged plaque. Kudos to Dr Eng.

Aslinda & Farhad - 20th June 2018

The service is ok. Just the place is located at shop lot so there’s no lift/ escalators to use. So not convenient for pregnant people or old citizens. Still affordable but it will be great if they can explain how much for the treatment as i think they just explain for the scalling price and not for the cavity.

Saima - 17th July 2018

I did visit the clinic on the decided date n time. I had a great experience with the clinic. Had done my scaling n polishing. And I am fully satisfied with the services.And I also recommend my other family n friends to visit this clinic.

Diyana Firyana - 23rd May 2017

Wonderful services but hard to find parking in this area

Ying Fun - 19th June 2018 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

Yea good. 接受 Accepted dental cleaning and dental services. It will not hurt either. The doctor is good. The nurse has a new one. But all ok. The price is a little expensive.

JY - 2nd May 2018

Overall is ok. environment is ok and the clinic is clean as well. haha..price wise perhaps can lower abit?

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