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Updated: 2019 May

Are you concerned about the price and quality of hair loss treatment provided by clinics in Malaysia?

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With so many medical clinics providing Hair Loss Treatment, and so many different treatment options available in Malaysia, how do you make the right choice?

Hair Loss Treatment
Hair loss can lead to baldness or alopecia. Conventional treatments for hair loss are shampoos, hair vitamins, etc. Some people who suffer from baldness opt for hair transplant.

The most common cause for hair loss are thyroid disorders, vitamin/mineral deficiency, hormonal imbalances (including stress).

Due to the diagnostic nature of Functional Medicine, it is in a unique position to accurately identify the root cause of hair loss/alopecia and provide natural strategies for managing this disorder. Treatments may vary for each individual thus consultation is most encouraged.

Hair Loss Treatment is commonly used to treat the following diseases/condition: Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common longstanding problem for both men and women, albeit in different forms across gender. Hair loss can be caused by aging, genetics, diet, hormones, or skin infections and medications.

There are several types of hair loss treatment that can be done for you to regain a head full of hair, including Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) treatment, mesotherapy, hair regrowth injections, and others.

Discuss with your doctor to see which treatment suits your condition best to help you achieve your desired results.

Sometimes, hair loss can be caused by scalp infections like fungal infections or skin disorders. These can usually be treated with medicines or medical treatments, allowing hair to grow back after treatment.

Some medications or treatments can also lead to hair loss, especially those involving cancer (chemotherapy and radiotherapy), diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, or high blood pressure. Hormonal medication, birth control pills, steroids and acne medications affect our hormonal balance and may also lead to hair loss.

Treatments are aplenty these days for hair loss, so even though your hereditary hair loss can be unavoidable, it is certainly treatable. From topical medicines to treatments and procedures, find your preferred treatment at your preferred clinic, here.

It is important to always find out the root cause of the hair loss problems before deciding on the treatment ot be done, and that's exactly what a skin specialist would do.

There are two types of hair loss, scarring alopecia which means there are no more hair follicles on the scalp for hair growth, and non-scarring alopecia, the condition where hair follicles are still present but no hair is growing out of it.

The most common type of hair loss is male and female pattern hair loss, a type of non-scarring hair loss.

Treatments like medication (eg. minoxidil), PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), stem cell treatment and hair transplant can be administered based on your condition after a thorough diagnosis by the skin specialist doctor.

If you have no more hair follicles on your scalp, it means that you have scarring alopecia, or also known as a stable alopecia.

In this case, medications or other external treatments wouldn't be effective as it be able to stimulate anymore hair growth our of the hair follicles which aren't present anymore.

So hair transplant may be needed, where the cosmetic surgeon takes the hair roots from other parts of your body (without hair loss problems) and transplant them onto your scalp.

Hair loss can lead to baldness or alopecia. Conventional treatments for hair loss are shampoos, hair vitamins, etc. Some people who suffer from baldness opt for hair transplant.

The most common cause for hair loss are thyroid disorders, vitamin/mineral deficiency, hormonal imbalances (including stress).

Due to the diagnostic nature of Functional Medicine, it is in a unique position to accurately identify the root cause of hair loss/alopecia and provide natural strategies for managing this disorder. Treatments may vary for each individual thus consultation is most encouraged.

Before engaging any treatments for hair loss, it is important to first find out the cause of hair loss.

Is it due to your diet?
It is important to maintain a healthy diet to avoid (or delay) hair loss. Some nutrients play major roles in hair growth.

Sometimes, a lack of iron or protein (especially iron for women) can lead to hair loss. When our body experience a lack of protein, our body rations the protein in its operation - by stopping hair growth. So don’t forget to load up with proteins - moderately, of course.

Is it due to your hormones?
Hair loss caused by hormonal changes are usually temporary. This is a usual case for women after childbirth or menopause, when severe changes to the hormones are experienced. Hair loss is also normal after giving birth due to the trauma suffered during natural labour causing hormonal spikes.

Our thyroid gland (on our necks) plays a significant role in hormone production and balancing. Underactive or overactive thyroids can affect hormone production, metabolism, and impair hair growth as a result.

After getting your condition diagnosed by a verified doctor, the right treatment can be administered.

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We compiled Malaysia clinics and doctors that are licensed by the ministry of health Malaysia and verified by Erufu Care Team.

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Are you considering travelling to Malaysia for a medical treatment? Malaysia is one of the few countries where medical tourism is supported by the government, so you can be assured of the quality, safety standards and medical regulations adhered to here.

Medical treatments in Malaysia are known for its affordability. Flight, accommodation, treatment, and a trip round the city usually cost less than the medical treatment price in the US or Europe.

Medical tourism in Malaysia is also very easily accessible, with English widely spoken here, and you can usually stay in Malaysia for 90 days for a medical treatment without a visa (check with the Malaysian Embassy in your country to confirm your travel documents status and validity). This is also why almost 1 million healthcare travellers have visited Malaysia every year.

The weather in Malaysia is tropical and humid, so you can prepare for hot weather and occasional rain.

The easiest way to get to Malaysia is by plane, with international airports available at Kuala Lumpur (KLIA/KLIA2) and Subang Jaya (SZB). Regional airports are in Kota Kinabalu (Sabah), Kuching (Sarawak), Penang, Melaka, Langkawi and Johor Bahru.

Getting around in Malaysia is easy as there are taxis and ride hailing services (Grab) available, and subways/transits in city centres of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The currency used in Malaysia is MYR (RM).

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Maureen - 26th April 2017

For my experience so far, it's very good! Doctor is very friendly, very ghelpful, and I can understand the explanation very clearly. I paid around RM1070 for my treatment, and will go back for follow-up session in mid May.

Ms Lee - 5th February 2016

I can see the changes of my condition, is getting much better. The doctor and staff of clinic are very friendly and nice. Especially I had received a called from them and they were suggested me to go for another branches which is more convenient to me. And clinic's environment also very comfortable and nice. So far so good!

Anonymous - 6th February 2018

Took two STD-related blood test in this clinic.Cost only about RM 75.Service is good.Price very reasonable.

Nurliana - 17th July 2017

My experience here is very good! The service is excellent. My consultation, inclusive of medications cost RM190, and the medications work well for me.

Ilham - 16th October 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

First there are pills, facial cleansers, and cream. The cost of treatment is about RM500. For the second time, there are only pills, costing RM300. After two months of eating medicines, acne has not only been acne scarring. For scarring, acne needs other treatments.

En. Ismadi - 31st July 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

Doctor for medicines and serum (spray). The doctor and his staff are the best, the best! For some we do not understand it, so doctors explain it. Although his doctor is Chinese, but he also speaks Malay. Clinics are also clean, look like exclusive, with the usual clinic.

Terence - 8th August 2016

Clinic services are good, doctors and staffs are friendly. Environment are comfortable. Overall are good.

Ms Abigail - 8th March 2016

I had consume their oral medication for about three months since October 2015. Although my condition is not fully recovered yet, but honestly to say, the treatment is works on me. It shows positive result. Clinic is very clean too. I would say performance of doctor and staffs is good.

Zanariah - 30th June 2017

So far so good here. I've bought a package of RM8,800 for 6 treatment sessions, it's a little pricey for me, but it's worth to give it a try as I've used various products before this and the results were unsatisfactory. So far I've done 2 sessions already, and hope to see how it goes after I've completed the 6 treatments!

Yusri - 18th August 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

I have a kid to go to the clinic. He was okay after the close treatment of Dr.'s clinic. Ko. The clinic also supplies pills with a broomstick. Price is all RM500. Very helpful with a doctor, the nurse is fine. I am very good for 5 stars. Lepastu did not have to wait long.

Mr.Chng - 20th December 2016 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

I faced a serious hair loss problem and went to the clinic for treatment. So far, only one visit has been made. I haven't seen any obvious results yet, but I'm very satisfied with the clinic's services. (The next appointment is in the next month)

Cik Athirah - 6th November 2015 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

After treatment, there are some good changes. The service from the clinic staff and the doctor is very good, very satisfied.

Hanis Farhanah binti Sukor - 17th September 2015

The doctor is friendly and the environment is good and clean.

Suhada - 17th February 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

I have laser treatment, the total length of treatment is 6 months. The service and doctor are all good and ok.

Cik Syifa - 20th March 2017

Quite okay! I've got a lot of improvement, I'm very satisfied with the treatment. Just that the cost for cream and treatment are around RM 400, this considered quite pricey for me.

Mardhiah - 28th July 2017

I am very satisfied with the results! Although I'm still comsuming the medications precribd by doctor, overall I'm very satisfied with their service!

Selena - 11th July 2016 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

Surgery, services, and explanations are all very good. At present, only worried about the progress of the recovery period. Because of headaches, swollen eyes. The doctor said that this is normal and will last for about two weeks.

Cik Shairah - 9th November 2015 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

The doctor clarifies all the necessary information such as the way of care. Now, my skin condition is getting better and just using lotions. I once went to another clinic but it took time to recover. In addition, the environment at this clinic is also quite good.

MR.HONG - 4th August 2017 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

I face the issue of hair loss. I am currently eating medicines prescribed by the clinic. For the time being, I have not seen any results. The weight of the drug is one month (about RM300 or so), and doctors still need to go back for a review. Overall, the clinic's service is very good, I play 4 stars!

FAZILLAH - 6th December 2017

I am very satisfied with the treatment & service provided.The staffs were very friendly and helpful.The location was strategic and it was easy to find parking near the clinic

Ms. Wong - 9th October 2017 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

The two courses of treatment were injection. So far, no obvious results have been seen. There will still be hair loss, and the doctor will give a better Tonic. I am actually not sure about the real reason for hair loss, so I plan to do a full body check up later in a hospital. Before deciding to go to the nearby Dr. KO branch for treatment, it was because my husband had had a hair loss treatment at the barber's headquarters. She had PRP and hair transplants for almost six months. And, seeing that he also had a significant effect after taking the treatment. For the branch in Kajang, I personally feel that the service is fairly good and I am quite satisfied. I don't normally give a full score of five stars. Leaving a star allows the clinic to have room for improvement.

Mr Thinesh - 26th May 2016

So far I can see the changes after I received the medication treatment. Also, their service is good and they are so friendly and helpful !

Cik Rosnita - 26th May 2016 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

Very good !! When I was a bit worse, I lost a lot of hair. Now there is a good change. Treatment rates are also reasonable. Beautiful clinic too ~ Very satisfied !!

Ms Farhana - 30th December 2015

I feel good with the services and treatment given. I requested for women female doctor and clinic really priotize my option. The doctor speak fluent Malay and it make me comfortable to communicate.

Ms Melissa - 17th December 2015 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

I am very satisfied with the treatment provided by the clinic. The service attitude of doctors and employees is very good. The environment of the clinic is quite comfortable and not so hot. In general, everything in the clinic is good!

Ms. Lau - 4th August 2016

The services that provided by the clinic are good. the doctor and staffs are friendly. The environment are so comfortable.

Shahrul - 11th September 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

There's a good change but it's a bit slow..Doktor once explained that if taking hair cream will slowly grow in comparison to injection. But that time is a bit scared too ... maybe next time will consider take injection. The cost for cream once with the consultation is RM100. I also bring a friend who has a dry skin problem, a week is more effective, the cost of treatment for him is at least RM230 ... The doctor's service is also ok ...

Khairul - 20th June 2017

I got a tonic and some medications for 2 months. The cost is RM330, and for me, it's very reasonable. Now I can see my hair is growing very well (especially the top part)! The doctor is also very kind. How nice if the clinic looks more modern, hehe!

Ridhwan - 30th May 2017 - Original in Indonesian, translated by Google

Everything is ok je, satisfied with his service so far, just waiting in the clinic a little slow, but the other good.

Pn. Asmawati - 14th July 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

5 stars! Because everything is ok, the staff is good. For my case, take medicines and creams, for two months. Ok, there's a good change. Acne decreases. Think of it later to bring the child try Facial. :)

Roy - 24th April 2018

I visited Dr Ko clinic already last February & received treatment that I needed there. Your information really helped me a lot, really appreciate it. I'm working at rural areas right now & will visiting again dr ko clinic again to continue my treatment once im on leave. By the way, I have received non invasive hair treatment therapy, consist of 2 kind of oral medicine & 1 liquid hair scalp spray. It cost me about rm780.00. ?

faynella stella - 6th July 2017

I just went for my first consultation yesterday and the doctor prescribed me some medications as well as a medicated hair spray. I wish the doctor could explain to me better about what he's giving me, but overall its okay, he's just so kind and good to me! The staffs may not like to explain much, though...

Pn Marniati - 17th May 2016 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

For me, the price of treatment is worth it. Good service. Doctor for good explanation, staff performance is also satisfactory. The clinic environment is quite comfortable. Only the area is lacking in parking space. As soon as the wrong way goes in, go back and forth.

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